Eat Lightly, Breathe Deeply, Live Moderately

Went for an awesome bike ride on the trail last night with Steve and his old roommate/our friend Bryan. 15 miles in 54 minutes and 560 calories burned. Definitely made up for a lot of the crap I ate yesterday and it felt great. We kept a steady pace the whole time and I really enjoyed the ride. I also made dinner last night and it was delicious. Gotta keep this productivity up. Getting off work early today since I got here so early, and I’ll make it to the gym, planning to go Friday, Saturday and Sunday as well. Good stuff.

I’ve been really bad at everything lately. I’m not eating as well as I know I should (i.e. breakfast this morning was completely forgotten until I was on the way to work so I got two donuts from Dunkin Donuts. Brilliant.) I’ve been slacking in terms of getting my butt to the gym (I even skipped my Monday night Yoga this week and I NEVER do that unless I’m VERY sick!), and I haven’t been cooking as much– only once or twice a week.

I’ve been depressed lately too, and I don’t know if it’s caused by not doing these things, but I know it’s causing me to not want to do these things, and that makes me depressed so it’s a damn vicious cycle. Must get back into the groove of things and claim back my happiness and health.

Haven’t posted since Fit 360 and it’s been over for a while. Oops! ๐Ÿ˜› I finished the program a couple of weeks early and it’s been nice because I’m back into my regular routine again. Monday night yoga, morning gym every other day of the week with 0-2 days off a week. I was sick last week and took off all but two days. It hasn’t been that bad in a long time, but I’ve made up for it this week. I’ve been every day since Monday (Monday-Yoga, Tuesday-Spin, Wednesday-BodyPump, Thursday-Spin, Friday-BodyFlow/Yoga) and I’m going tomorrow for BodyPump and going on a 20 mile bike ride on Sunday.

Since my last post I have checked my body fat percentage. I have had a big problem with obsessing about my weight. A stupid number. I had been 115 since middle school and I thought the world was ending because I weighed 10 lbs more. I still fit in my prom dress from high school, so the weight must be well distributed. When I joined Merritt in February I was 124.5 and 22% body fat. I am now exactly the same weight (124.5) and 18% body fat. A huge improvement and it definitely shows. My body is pretty tone and my legs, which were jello before are now pretty solid. There’s still a little softness in the inner thighs, but my legs are solid and pretty defined.

It’s nice to notice progress and I finally feel liberated from the scale. I check my weight maybe once every couple of weeks now, and it’s pretty consistent. It’s great to stop obsessing and start enjoying the “work” that is physical fitness, and how it makes me feel. I’m happier and more energized than ever, and that’s even with a job that I loathe. It does wonders, it really does.


Posted on: May 12, 2010

Same as last week… I did BodyCombat and Personal training last night and BodyPump this morning… only I did cycle yesterday too and BodyPump this morning also had plyometrics. Super super sore. I’m less than a week away from finishing the Fit 360 program. Nothing else to add ๐Ÿ™‚ Just testing a photo in this new layout.


Posted on: May 6, 2010

Yesterday I wrote about how great kettlebells was and how I felt fine and went to BodyPump yesterday anyway. Well, oww. By mid-day yesterday I was feeling very sore in my legs and upper back. Today I feel like a cripple. Walking is very difficult because my upper and lower back are sore, my obliques are sore, my glutes, quads and inner thighs are sore. And when I say sore I mean SORE! I woke up this morning and could hardly walk, so what did I do? I went to RPM! In hind-sight probably not the greatest idea, but I was up early and energized. If I spent that hour at home sedentary it wouldn’t have been a very great start to the day. So off to the gym I went! My original intention was to just take it slow and have a casual ride, but I learned quickly that ย my poor sore legs did better when moving faster and with a higher resistance. I burned 450 calories this morning. Now my legs hurt even more… what can I say? I’m a glutton for punishment. Looking forward to BodyFlow tomorrow and a relatively easy morning workout.

This weekend was great. We had my dad’s 50th birthday and Steve’s 27th. Which means, lots of bad eating. I worked out on Friday and Saturday but wasn’t able to make it on Sunday. I made a cheesecake for Steve’s Birthday. It was a lower-fat cheesecake that was made with a combination of sour cream, ricotta cheese, and cream cheese. It was actually really good considering the health factor. I’d much rather eat a slice of that cheesecake for 245 calories than a piece of cream cheese cheesecake for double or more! I topped the cake with a strawberry glaze and sliced fresh strawberries. It was very pretty.

This week has been intense in terms of workouts and it’s only Wednesday morning! Monday I did Abs and Yoga, my usual Monday routine. Last night I did BodyCombat and I had a group training session where we worked with Kettlebells. BodyCombat was fun, at first it felt really silly punching nothing, but it was quite a little workout. I burned 280 calories in the 40 minutes I was in the class. I got there late since the class starts at 5:30 and I don’t even get off work until 5:00, but I talked to the instructor and she said she doesn’t mind if I come every week a little late, as long as I ease my way into the workout. The personal training session was very difficult, but a lot of fun. I worked with 25 or 35 lb kettlebells the whole time. It was not easy, but it was fun. I’m a big fan of varied workouts! This morning was BodyPump and I worked a little harder than usual (I’ve been upping it almost every time). I bought lifting gloves this morning since I’ve been having hand-pain from lifting. I’m hoping that helps.

Just working harder to look better, run faster, and be stronger!

There is just something about yoga that I find myself longing for. I love working out, I love getting in shape and feeling fit, but yoga is my addiction. There’s something special that you feel after burning 600 calories in a spin class, or doing squats with twice the amount of weight you did last time, but it doesn’t compare to the feeling after a yoga class.

When I go more than a few days without yoga or bodyflow I feel stiff and I really feel the need to stretch my muscles and tune into my body. I spend my entire day sitting at a desk staring at a computer screen, and several times a week I really work my body to its limits whether through weight lifting, cardio or core training. My weeks are jam-packed with working out, my day job, freelance work, freelance photography, cooking and cleaning that I hardly have time to myself. This weekend is the first weekend that I’ve had off in a couple of months and I’ve got my dad’s 50th birthday, my boyfriend’s 27th birthday, a photoshoot, a film festival that I’m judging, a hiking trip, an off-roading trip, Steve has a friend visiting from out of town who is coming over and two birthday dinners. Granted, it’s going to be a great, fun weekend and I’m really looking forward to it… but there’s still no time to rest. Yoga gives me the release that I need.

Breathing deeply helps me focus when a busy week has my mind all over the place. Stretching my muscles helps repair the damage done days before. Using body resistance helps build my strength in my arms, legs and core. Balance poses not only ย help with my balance but also with my posture. Since I started doing yoga my posture has greatly increased and my lordosis has almost fixed itself.

This morning before work I went to BodyFlow class, which is a yoga class with a tai-chi warmup and pilates core abs and back. It is the best way to start the morning. Any sort of workout in the morning is great, but yoga is the best. It really affects my outlook and my general mood. It’ll take a lot to turn this day into a bad one, and I don’t see that happening!

I ย haven’t had anything of worth to say in about a week, but I figured I’d post an update anyhow.

I have been doing the morning routine. I did BodyPump yesterday and did almost double the weight I normally do. I’m extremely sore today so I’m taking a pass on the gym for the day. Doing BodyFlow tomorrow morning, a nice way to ease back into the routine of going every day.

We’ve got a busy weekend ahead of us. My dad’s birthday is tomorrow and we’re going out to dinner for his birthday. Saturday morning I have a photoshoot with two friends and their kids and Saturday night I’m a judge at Towson University’s Media Arts Festival. Sunday is Steve’s birthday and we’re going out to breakfast and for a hike with his mom in the morning, off-roading with a couple of friends during the day and dinner with other friends at night. No time for the gym this weekend, but we’ll be physically active on Sunday with the hike, and Saturday running around the park for the photoshoot.

After this weekend I’m hitting the ground running in terms of Fit360… and going to the gym every day until I hit all of my goals. I’m not too far off already and it’s only week two. I’ve got 4/7 done for cardio, 4/7 for mind and body, 3/7 for strength, and 2/7 for core. I don’t have any classes for Sports Conditioning yet, but I’ve worked something out where I’ll be able to get them all in in three weeks ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s official. I’m committed to the morning routine… and I love it! Got up at 5:30 this morning and so did Steve since he had to work early, so I made egg sandwiches with cheese on whole wheat bread for both of us, I made my lunch and then I headed to the gym for BodyPump. My muscles were SCREAMING during class this morning. I did pretty heavy weights and really pushed it through the class. I was surprised to see that I only burned 266 calories in the hour long class, but then again– muscle building does not necessarily equate calorie burning. My heartrate was raised the whole time, but it wasn’t until the squat track and the lunge track that it was high enough to count as cardio. I guess chest press, tricep press and bicep curls aren’t enough of a cardio work out ;). Either way, I feel great… as always I got showered and off to work on time and I’ve got quite a good little dent in my Fit 360 program already! It’s going to be a pretty good work day too. I have two video records and a decent amount of editing to get done. Hopefully the day will pass pretty quickly.

Yesterday was the first day of Fit 360. I started off on a roll! I had three classes last night– RPM (spin class), Absolute Abs and Yoga. This morning I did the cycle class. I also spent the morning figuring out how best to meet all of the goals. I planned out my workout schedule for the next 6 weeks so that I could meet all of the goals for the program. I of course left a lot of room for flexibility. If I actually do all of the classes during the 6-week period that I planned out I’ll get to level three (the final level) of the program twice over. I made sure to schedule it so that I can look at the schedule for any given day and see what I can do class wise, what I have done, and what I need to get to where I need to be in the program. I will probably be at the gym between 6-7 days a week during the program (not too far off from my regular 5-6) but I don’t think I need to do 2-3 classes a day ๐Ÿ˜› Regardless, I made a really nice excel spreadsheet for tracking it ๐Ÿ™‚ Really excited to participate in the program. I’m very competitive, but not so much with other people but moreso with myself. I know that I can finish the program and win all of the prizes, and I’m going to do just that!

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