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A long week.

Posted on: April 8, 2010

This week has been a very long week, which is leading into a very busy weekend. I’ve been getting up and going to the gym in the mornings with the exception of Mondays. Monday nights are my yoga nights and that’s not something I’m going to give up.

Don’t get me wrong, I love BodyFlow… but BodyFlow will never be able to replace yoga for me. I just love the flowing class and the way that Jenn (our instructor) never does the same thing twice. Every class is different. Sometimes BodyFlow can be different, but the instructors have to stick to the Les Mills choreography. It’s just not the same. Tuesday morning I got up and went to the cycle class before work. Wednesday I skipped the gym since I had to work a lacrosse game at Towson after work, making it a very long day. Up at 6:00 AM, working two jobs in a row and not home until about 10:00 PM.

I went to RPM class this morning. I swear that’s the best way to start the day. I’m so much more awake on my drive in to work, and I’m much more efficient while getting ready for work. It also feels like I’m claiming my day back. Since I started this job I’ve been waking up early to take a rather easy but annoying commute into Baltimore City. I say easy but annoying because if parking were not an issue I could leave home 30 minutes later each morning. But that’s not the case. We have to park at a parking lot off-campus and take a shuttle to the building. It’s a 10-15 minute ride from the lot, and sometimes when you get to the bus it can be another 10-15 until the bus actually leaves. While the commute isn’t that bad, it’s actually pretty good compared to most, having a crappy commute to a crappy job isn’t the greatest thing to experience day in and day out.

Before I started going to the gym in the morning I would wake up almost every morning and debate whether or not I should call out of work. I’d sluggishly get out of bed, pour myself a bowl of cereal and sit down at the computer and browse facebook, twitter, my google reader, etc. Reluctantly around 6:45 I would get up and get dressed/do my hair and get ready for work. I’d get in the car to drive to work, just generally pissed because I was going to go spend the majority of my day at a place that I loathe dislike. When I would get home from work, I’d be so beaten down from the work day that I’d be in a shitty mood already, so I’d go to the gym to lift my spirits (which almost always would work!) The only down side to that is that when I’d get finished at the gym and get home it’d be 7:30 and by the time I would be showered and ready to relax it would be going on 8:00 and I still hadn’t eaten! As someone who loves to cook this is hardly acceptable!!

So yes, I’m claiming my days back by going to the gym in the morning. It lifts my spirits, puts me in a great mood, and energizes me to help get through the work day… and while, my job hasn’t gotten any better, and it does still suck, my attitude about it is greatly improved on days that I go to the gym beforehand. My evenings are also a lot nicer. While Steve still goes to the gym in the evening, I can cook dinner for us while he’s at the gym and have it ready when he gets home, saving more time for us to relax together in the evening. It’s really a great situation.

Tonight I’m especially looking forward to the evening home with Steve. We’re either going out for dinner tonight or ordering carry-out. He had the day off work so he already went to the gym and we get the whole night together. While I really would like to cook, it will be nice to not have to and for the both of us to have the entire evening off!

Tomorrow is going to be a long day with another lacrosse game directly after work, and I’m actually going to go the gym in the morning for BodyFlow before work, so … yes, a very long day. Saturday I have two photoshoots scheduled and Sunday we have yet another lacrosse game. I love lacrosse season because there’s so much freelance work, which means lots of money (this is the time of year my savings goes up instead of down), but I am looking forward to the season winding down and the break between LAX and Football when my weekends will be once again, free.


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