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Getting used to this!

Posted on: April 15, 2010

Yesterday I did BodyPump at 6:00 AM, and it was awesome! Going to a BodyPump class that early in the morning and still a little tired is a lot harder than doing an early morning cycle class, since you don’t really ease into it as much– that, and it’s nearly impossible to fall off the exercise bike, but standing and lifting weights could end tragically if you don’t focus. I ended up doing the same amount of weight as I did the first time I took the class (a little more for some exercises) and I was not sore the next day! Kind of crazy since only two weeks ago I took the class and was sore for DAYS following it, and this Saturday I took the class and was sore for a couple of days. Not this time! Good thing too–since I didn’t want to have to take any time off from the gym.

So I made it to RPM this morning and I have every intention of going to BodyFlow tomorrow before work. That’ll be four days in a row this week, getting up at 6:00 AM! That will be my routine if I decide to stick with this early thing, since Monday nights are Yoga class and I don’t want to miss that.

This morning Steve got up at 5:30 with me and we went to the gym together. He didn’t take RPM with me like he normally does on the weekends, since he had a lot of lifting to do and only had time for 30 minutes of cardio. I hope he likes getting up early and starts doing it with me! It would be really nice for us to have more time together in the evenings. We’ve already got more time together since I started going in the morning since I can make dinner while he’s at the gym. He spends between an hour and a half and two hours at the gym, and it doesn’t take me that long to make dinner so we would get more time if he picks up the morning routine 🙂


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