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I am an addict. Yoga is my drug.

Posted on: April 30, 2010

There is just something about yoga that I find myself longing for. I love working out, I love getting in shape and feeling fit, but yoga is my addiction. There’s something special that you feel after burning 600 calories in a spin class, or doing squats with twice the amount of weight you did last time, but it doesn’t compare to the feeling after a yoga class.

When I go more than a few days without yoga or bodyflow I feel stiff and I really feel the need to stretch my muscles and tune into my body. I spend my entire day sitting at a desk staring at a computer screen, and several times a week I really work my body to its limits whether through weight lifting, cardio or core training. My weeks are jam-packed with working out, my day job, freelance work, freelance photography, cooking and cleaning that I hardly have time to myself. This weekend is the first weekend that I’ve had off in a couple of months and I’ve got my dad’s 50th birthday, my boyfriend’s 27th birthday, a photoshoot, a film festival that I’m judging, a hiking trip, an off-roading trip, Steve has a friend visiting from out of town who is coming over and two birthday dinners. Granted, it’s going to be a great, fun weekend and I’m really looking forward to it… but there’s still no time to rest. Yoga gives me the release that I need.

Breathing deeply helps me focus when a busy week has my mind all over the place. Stretching my muscles helps repair the damage done days before. Using body resistance helps build my strength in my arms, legs and core. Balance poses not only  help with my balance but also with my posture. Since I started doing yoga my posture has greatly increased and my lordosis has almost fixed itself.

This morning before work I went to BodyFlow class, which is a yoga class with a tai-chi warmup and pilates core abs and back. It is the best way to start the morning. Any sort of workout in the morning is great, but yoga is the best. It really affects my outlook and my general mood. It’ll take a lot to turn this day into a bad one, and I don’t see that happening!


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