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It’s been a while

Posted on: June 25, 2010

Haven’t posted since Fit 360 and it’s been over for a while. Oops! đŸ˜› I finished the program a couple of weeks early and it’s been nice because I’m back into my regular routine again. Monday night yoga, morning gym every other day of the week with 0-2 days off a week. I was sick last week and took off all but two days. It hasn’t been that bad in a long time, but I’ve made up for it this week. I’ve been every day since Monday (Monday-Yoga, Tuesday-Spin, Wednesday-BodyPump, Thursday-Spin, Friday-BodyFlow/Yoga) and I’m going tomorrow for BodyPump and going on a 20 mile bike ride on Sunday.

Since my last post I have checked my body fat percentage. I have had a big problem with obsessing about my weight. A stupid number. I had been 115 since middle school and I thought the world was ending because I weighed 10 lbs more. I still fit in my prom dress from high school, so the weight must be well distributed. When I joined Merritt in February I was 124.5 and 22% body fat. I am now exactly the same weight (124.5) and 18% body fat. A huge improvement and it definitely shows. My body is pretty tone and my legs, which were jello before are now pretty solid. There’s still a little softness in the inner thighs, but my legs are solid and pretty defined.

It’s nice to notice progress and I finally feel liberated from the scale. I check my weight maybe once every couple of weeks now, and it’s pretty consistent. It’s great to stop obsessing and start enjoying the “work” that is physical fitness, and how it makes me feel. I’m happier and more energized than ever, and that’s even with a job that I loathe. It does wonders, it really does.


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